Real-Time Analytics,
Improved with AI

BankIQTM – Artificial Intelligence for Digital Payments

While great strides have been made in the adoption of Real-time Analytics in Financial Services and Payments,
BankIQTM with its Artificial Intelligence capabilities is ramping it up

BankIQTM is an advanced Cognitive fast-data platform capable of enabling advanced AI applications, simulating human intelligence across the full spectrum of problem-solving for Banks, Financial Services and other Institutions.

BankIQTM enables ‘true’ real-time analytics with real-time data. Real-time data plays a critical role in every data analytics strategy, enabling businesses to run analytics, gain insights, and take real-time action on fresh data as events happen.

BankIQTM has a ready to use portfolio of Intelligent products such as IFRM – Inline Fraud & Risk Management, IPOM – Inline Promotions and Offer Management, Receivable Analytics & Assignment-of-Receivables, to name a few. BankIQTM can also enable development of Custom analytic applications leveraging AI & ML, enabling a full spectrum of problem-solving.


ReportIQ is a complete and flexible Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) software platform. It is complete with over #30 analytical and operational BI engines, granting high flexibility to meet custom users’ needs. Besides usual Reporting and charting tools, it is capable of enabling Location Intelligence, User Exploration, Adhoc Reporting, KPI Monitoring, Interactive Dashboards, Real-time data feeds, and What-if analysis.

ReportIQ is designed with the business user in-mind, catering to most popular Reporting and BI applications. ReportIQ can grow to meet the entire BI continuum, without incurring per user license fee. Effective cost per user is 1/5th of Commercial BI software enabling users to deploy without cost-of-ownership worries.


IFRM – Inline Fraud and Risk Management

BankIQTM IFRM – Inline Fraud and Risk Management is designed to stop fraudulent transactions and currently engineered for debit products. IFRM uses ‘true’ Real-time Rule engine and Cognitive intelligence to determine unusual transaction which is associated with a Fraud. IFRM manages fraud risk in a manner consistent with the Regulatory requirements as well as entity’s needs. Complete with an effective IFRM approach it encompasses controls that achieve the following key objectives:


IFRM approach has the capability to process transactions in ‘true’ Real-Time (RT) and Near-Real-Time (NRT) mode. It comes with necessary UI for detection/protection and reporting. Detection covers aspects of monitoring, investigation, case management and escalation. Reporting covers Fraud activity reporting and trend reporting. Reporting capabilities can be used for developing more reports like compliance reporting, etc. Also made available is utilities such as Spotter, Security data exchange and Visual Rule Builder to aid the use of this system.

IPOM – Inline Promotions and Offer Management

BankIQTM IPOM – Inline Promotions and Offer Management is designed to enable precision contextual marketing using Customer Profile, Current Context, and Pattern Over ‘recent’ Period of Time. It can also do cross-channel session co-relation and “significant purchase” recommendations for improving ‘Optin’ with better Offers and with better Response rates. IPOM system is already UPI ready and also can work based on triggers from Mobile-App/Net Banking/ATM and can work at sub-sec speeds of 1000 TPS + Transaction Volumes. The product provides flexibility to accommodate more data and external events. It can also be enabled to be used for real-time promotions and offers through mobile apps and online transactions.

Marketers often have to maintain hundreds of promotional offers. With IPOM, a centralized Recommendation engine automates the process of selecting personalized, relevant offers and delivers them on Mobile-App/UPI App in Real-time. It comes with Automated personalization engine that picks the right offer from a central catalogue, applies business rules to easily define which customers are eligible for offers, decide the priority of multiple offers using static and calculated weightings. It also builds rich Customer profiles in real-time, allowing you to deliver more relevant and personalized offers as customer activities change.

Receivable Analytics and Assignment-of-Receivables

Comprehensive Order-to-Cash management and lower DSO (Days-Sales-Outstanding) can lead to increased Cash flow, decreased financial costs, enhanced credit ratings, higher margins and heightened Shareholder value. DSO is also a direct reflection of the strength of a company’s Customer relationships and is regularly used by the investment community as a key indicator of an Enterprise’s market and financial strength.

BankIQTM Receivable Analytics solution is not just a tool; it is a holistic service, providing actionable insights at transaction level to improve DSO. Our clients, therefore, reap granular visibility of lagging and leading key metrics across the Order-to-Cash process that impact DSO and identify opportunities for comprehensive multidimensional drill-down analysis. This enables easy identification of necessary actions to be taken.

Early Warning System for Curative and Preventive NPA management

Corporate Banking and Risk management applications either have got a backseat or were late starters. A victim of late adoption of digital, is the NPA in loans area, the biggest headache affecting the Indian banking system. Models for re-capitalization, problem loan resolution through IBC and NCLT, overleveraging in large corporate houses are everyday headlines. The increased powers given to the banking regulator(RBI) to clean up asset quality, and to intervene in Banks at an earlier stage when risk builds, represents an important positive step toward ensuring a healthy Banking system in the future. A resolution under Insolvency & Bankruptcy code (IBC) would mean rate of recoveries would be higher than what banks were experiencing so far under the much more protracted routes of NPA recoveries.

Management of NPAs begins with the consciousness of a good portfolio, which warrants a better understanding of stop at risks. The management has to decide a strategy keeping in view the regulatory norms, the business environment, its market share, the risk profile, the available resources etc. The strategy should be reflected in management approved policies and procedures to monitor implementation. The essential containments of sound NPA management are:

  • Quick identification of NPAs
  • Their containment at a minimum level and Ensuring minimum impact of NPAs on financials
  • External data acquisition for Credit assessment models
  • Early warning framework and Collateral management for credit monitoring
  • Soft landing and care programs for default management

BankIQTM EWS – Early warning systems, can be an important tool to mitigate credit risks through proactive monitoring. Monitoring Internal factors include diversion of funds, time and cost overruns during project implementation, business failure, inefficiency in management, slackness in credit management and monitoring, inappropriate technology and lack of coordination between lenders. Monitoring External factors include recession, price, escalation and currency fluctuations, changes in government policies, environmental concerns and accident and natural calamities to name a few.

We believe that implementing BankIQTM Early Warning Solution (EWS) can help substantially reduce Banks’ NPAs. Our systematic approach combines a Bank’s existing and new data sources within a strong analytical framework and helps Banks develop a custom approach that is specific to their portfolio needs.

A comprehensive Early Warning framework that included identifying the right customer segment, understanding the data landscape, formulating early warning triggers and creating a risk mitigation plan, resulted in 15-20% reduction in NPAs among some of the large global Banks.

With an effective EWS, a Bank can have a definite process to govern Credit monitoring, ensuring a standardized bank-wide approach to detect and escalate EWS. It can have an effective knowledge management system to retain the organization’s learning of each type of customer and make the Bank more capable to handle more responsibilities at the ground level and achieve better compliance to Regulatory requirements and audits.

Cash Balance Forecasting

The role of the Corporate Treasurer has expanded significantly in recent years as successive financial crises, changing regulation and advances in communications and technologies have combined to alter the global financial landscape. BankIQTM Cash Balance Forecasting supports Treasury departments in dealing with the challenges of a rapidly changing International economy. BankIQTM Cash Balance Forecasting is a dynamic Cash flow forecasting system which provides rolling forecast maximizing capital efficiency. It integrates into finance operation practices to manage balances, volatile liabilities and improve budgeting capabilities.

Leveraging its Fast-data features, it can take dynamic input and provide refactoring capabilities to include inputs such as oil prices fluctuations, production level changes, Fx rates fluctuations, cost of production, government expenditures, etc making it ideal for dynamic forecasting which is always up-to-date with changing dynamics.

It can engage data from banks to collect balances through MT940 and 942 reporting, overlay the same with upcoming expenses/pay-outs as well as pay-ins using analytical trends.



Data today is online, in motion, and generated constantly. For architects, developers and their businesses, this means that there is a critical need for tools and applications that can process this data in real-time, generating actionable insights that can drive business value. How? By moving away from batch-centric processing to streaming, Fast-Data pipelines that are fully Reactive.

BankIQTM Fast-Data-Platform brings together a curated set of technologies—including streaming engines, a data backplane, reactive microservices, persistence, Machine Learning, purpose-built monitoring and more, plus on-demand guidance from experts to help you design, and then help your developers build, streaming fast-data applications that are successful in the long-run.

In today’s always-connected economy, businesses increasingly need to provide data-centric real-time services to customers, such as recommendations, targeted advertising and Fraud Detection. To make these experiences possible, companies have started transitioning from Big-data analytics, where data is processed in batches after collection, to Fast-data-analytics, where data is processed in Real-time to provide immediate insights to companies and their customers.

The SMACK stack–Apache Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, and Kafka–is establishing itself as a standard for these Fast-data architectures. As the SMACK stack emerges as an industry standard, it is evolving in multiple dimensions and Individual components: Even though the name SMACK is derived from specific components (which are themselves maturing and gaining functionality over time), in practice, data architects will swap individual components of the stack to fit their specific needs.

While often initially considered for fast-data processing, we are seeing SMACK users take advantage of the characteristics of the stack such as platform elasticity for exciting new use cases. The properties of the SMACK stack can help you rethink your architecture, with an emphasis on the impact of current and future changes to the stack and its components.

Stream data processing is about more than just extracting information faster. It’s about embracing wholesale change in how we build data-centric applications. The demands for availability, scalability, and resilience is forcing Fast-Data architectures to become like microservice architectures. Conversely, successful organizations building microservices find their data needs grow with their organization. Hence, there is a unification happening between data and microservice architectures.

BankIQTM Fast-Data Platform is uniquely positioned to help Businesses overcome these challenges because of our deep expertise in both worlds, microservices and streaming data.

What BankIQTM Fast-Data Platform provides for enterprises:

  • Guided choices so you pick the streaming components best suited for your project.
  • An integrated platform and deep enablement to accelerate your developers’ velocity.
  • Intelligent monitoring and management to keep your running clusters resilient, scalable and responsive, to ensure assure reliability at scale.
  • One-stop-support for all your Fast-Data app components for complete peace of mind.

This Technical Overview explores the architecture and design considerations behind BankIQTM Fast-Data Platform. To learn more about using BankIQTM Fast-Data Platform in your organization, please get in touch with us.


ReportIQ is essentially a very large collection of capabilities brought together to create a broad Business Intelligence(BI) capability. In fact, it goes beyond the traditional notion of BI to embrace domains such as data mining and BPM. This broad capability has encouraged large companies to adopt it as part of their strategic BI solution. The breadth of the offering is impressive, and each area of functionality is often served by a number of engines to deliver all the functionality that might possibly be needed. It offers a full range of BI capabilities, ranging from ETL to ad-hoc analysis and reporting.

A typical BI solution does not access data in a source system like an ERP package or a financial application directly but usually contains an intermediate database or data warehouse which is better optimized for analytical workloads such as ad-hoc reporting and analysis. In order to get data from various source systems into a central data warehouse, a data integration tool is needed. This class of tools is commonly referred to as ETL tools, short for Extract, Transform and Load. Again, there are many enterprise grade open source ETL tools available such as Kettle, Talend, Jitterbit, Snaplogic or CloverETL. Since traditional closed source ETL tools tend to be very expensive and Open source tools often offer a comparable feature set.

The cornerstone of a BI solution and critical to the success of a BI project is a high performing database. PostgreSQL is an excellent database for use as data warehouses or data marts or analytical database. MonetDB, Ingres/VectorWise, and LucidDB also belong to the category of very fast analytical database solutions. What makes these databases so fast is their storage engine which is based on a column based format instead of the row-based format used in more traditional databases like Oracle or SQL Server. That, combined with special indexing and compression techniques and sometimes efficient in-memory processing make these databases unbeatable when it comes to raw query performance. The importance of query performance shouldn’t be underestimated, as is shown that there is a strong causal relationship between query performance and user acceptance.

The reporting engine is quite a complex piece in itself since it has a control structure as well as a report execution structure. The control structure consists of an internal event dispatcher that can run scripts when data is updated, parameters are updated or the structure of the report changes. The reason for this is to enable the reports to be (somewhat) interactive.

Following table provides Solution Building Blocks and how they map to Capability areas



We are helping companies leverage analytics for business value, our Consulting Services show you how to develop the business justification, analytic strategy, ROI, design, implementation, and support structure of your analytical environment. Our deep business, industry, and architectural consulting expertise drives measurable business value not only for BankIQTM and ReportIQ products, but also for numerous other industry-leading data and analytics technologies and commercial tools.

With sole focus on data and analytics, SquareOne Insights Consulting Services help clients:

  • Develop business led data strategies
  • Architect and implement diverse analytic ecosystems
  • Manage and support analytic ecosystems
  • Receive the necessary education and certifications to understand, run, manage and monitor data and analytics ecosystems

With hundreds of skilled consulting professionals around the globe, our services, consisting of Analytic Strategy Consulting Services and Architectural / Implementation Consulting Services, enable the design and delivery of high-impact data and analytic technology solutions.

Analytic Strategy Consulting Services

We help businesses assess their current data and analytics ecosystem, develop a data-driven strategy through a time-proven consultative approach and established industry best practices. We provide both broad and deep industry consulting expertise — and the ability to tailor best-of-breed technology and solutions to your company’s specific business needs and objectives. Our Analytic Strategy Consulting Services include:

  • Develop business led data strategies
  • Architect and implement diverse analytic ecosystems
  • Manage and support analytic ecosystems
  • Receive the necessary education and certifications to understand, run, manage and monitor data and analytics ecosystems

Architectural/Implementation Consulting Services

With a culture of delivering business value every 90 days, our Architectural / Implementation Consulting Services include implementing new and appropriate platforms such as integrated data warehouses, big data discovery platforms and/or Hadoop data lakes. These services also include migrating from a 3rd party database or consolidating a set of data marts, leveraging fast data Consulting services, and employing Cloud solutions for data warehousing, Fast-Data analytics, and SMACK. Our Architectural / Implementation Consulting Services include:

  • Analytic Ecosystem
  • Fast Data Technologies (Apache Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, and Kafka)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Agile Development Methodology

Product Fulfilment

Everything you need to demystify the complex and continually evolving streaming ecosystem, so you can successfully design, build and run your Fast-Data applications.

Quick Start

Engage with BankIQTM fulfilment team from the start to ensure you have the right architecture and the right focus to get your project heading in the right direction from the get go.


Build the best team with recruiting support, enablement and education. Use the BankIQTM fulfilment approach to make your team the one that everyone will want to be a part of.


Enable, educate and retain. Whether you’re building skills from scratch or going from good to great, BankIQTM Product training delivers experience, knowledge and skills.


Have a specific need you are looking to address with your Fast-Data Platform adoption and implementation? Are you seeking to achieve lift-off for your team or grow your adoption of BankIQTM technology? Perhaps a review of your architecture or a more detailed code review to address specific concerns with your design or implementation? Consultation and mentorship with BankIQTM fulfilment experts offers different approaches to enable and accelerate your team’s ability to adopt Fast-Data Platform with confidence and quality.


Accelerate your adoption of BankIQTM Fast-Data Platform by connecting your domain experts with our experts. Working shoulder to shoulder in deep and sustained collaboration, we’ll explore your use cases and enable you to rapidly and effectively define and deliver on your solution. Reactive Launch deploys a skilled Team to support you for the critical initial or transitional phases of a project. Launch reduces the risk of architectural missteps, enables high performing cross-functional teams and creates a firm foundation and trajectory for team and project success.


By reviewing your architecture and design with our experts, you can make smarter, faster, development decisions upfront that can save you time and reduce your risk. Our team enables your team as we pair up to review design choices, code base and future plans. When we’re done, we’ll provide you with documented recommendations and a deeper understanding of your path to a successful project.

Company – Journey

Our purpose is to help develop the science and technology that will enable fully autonomous cognitive applications in order to augment human and IT capabilities and improve business outcomes in their application areas. We have goaled ourselves to help our customers run better. We do this by pursuing our unrelenting passion for the development of true AI technology that integrates problem-solving, learning and progressive improvements.

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If you are looking to invest in a

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  • Experienced Management Team
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  • And a Clear Exit Potential

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Want to work the most popular application of AI in financial services — and perhaps most path-breaking


Marketing, especially promotions and offers management is using AI and is receiving a lot of attention—yet not quite as far along as most people think—that’s where you can play a part. Several financial services providers have been playing around with using AI to make predictions about customers’ behavior, which can then be used to push certain products or services that will help consumers manage their personal finances. This is exactly what BankIQTM IPOM does. Equipped with data, IPOM (a computer system modeled off the human brain) makes a psychographic profile of a customer, advising the financial institution about what a specific customer or demographic likes and dislikes. It’s similar to what Netflix does in using a viewer’s viewing history and ratings, as well as the history of other viewers with similar interests, to suggest other films.


Financial institutions have not been hesitant to adopt AI for fraud detection and mitigation, and have in fact started using AI for this purpose using BankIQTM IFRM. Traditionally financial services providers had lists of rules that they applied to payments systems to stop fraud. Such patterns are suspicious but are not always indicative of fraud. Now financial services providers are employing learning algorithms to understand the spend patterns of individual people. With IFRM unusual transactions standout detecting fraud very east without putting down explicit rules.

We’re always looking for great people to join our team and share our values and passion for developing true AI. If you think you have something special to contribute to our pursuit of creating an intelligent future, contact us with your resume and cover letter at

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